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Facebook Messenger va permite rechemarea mesajelor trimise accidental, administratorii reţelei de socializare lăsând o fereastră de timp surprinzător de generoasă în care să putem reveni asupra mesajului deja trimis.
Mesajele trimise pe Facebook Messenger vor putea fi şterse în maxim 10 minute după ce au fost trimise. Spre comparaţie, utilizatorii Gmail au la dispoziţie doar câteva secunde pentru a rechema un masaj la care au apăsat din greşeală butonul Send.  Totuşi, o condiţie rămâne pentru ca rechemarea mesajelor trimise accidentale pe Messenger să aibă sens: persoana aflată la celălalt capăt să nu fi apucat să le vizualizeze.
Ciudat este că administratorii Facebook sunt mult mai generoşi cu utilizatorii WhatsApp, mesajele din această reţea putând fi rechemate până la o oră după ce au fost trimise.
General Discussion / Re: Importanta fotografiilor in galerii si/sau fan club
« Last post by Alex on November 07, 2018, 06:25:46 PM »
Desi au trecut peste 3 ani de cand am scris aceasta postare,ea este mai actuala ca oricand,atentia acordata fotografiilor de profil si nu numai genereaza $$$ frumosi,din pacate putine modele dau importanta acestui aspect!
Lista site-uri videochat si carduri bancare / Re: Promovare modele
« Last post by Alex on November 01, 2018, 06:14:53 AM »
Anunt valabil! 
0786 439 216 - Alex! 
0771 190 113 - Alex!   
Anunt valabil! 
0786 439 216 - Alex! 
0771 190 113 - Alex!   
Studiouri - prezentare / Re: BeYou Studio Bucuresti / locatie zona Unirii
« Last post by Alex on October 28, 2018, 03:09:11 PM »
Studiouri - prezentare / Re: BeYou Studio Bucuresti / locatie zona Unirii
« Last post by beyou studio on October 28, 2018, 02:40:50 PM »
Ca si confirmare a celor spuse in postarile anterioare , si pentru a dovedii  inca odata   motivul pentru care  ne-a oferit statutul de " official preferred studio"  in cadrul AWsummit   voi atasa  4 poze cu  reusitele modelelor noastre. Nu este o intamplare ca 4 modele ce au ales sa colaboreze cu noi au castigat modelul zilei in decursul unei  sapatamani .


Mai multe detalii despre noi gasiti accesand  :

* model of the day   18 .oct

* model of the day   21.oct

* model of the day   22.oct

* model of the day  23.oct
Thrills and Chills - Halloween Contest

This Halloween, SoulCams brings you another contest with spine-shivering cash prizes! Between 27 October and 4 November, your earnings will be converted to points and Models with the highest points count will win! Five Models will take the total cash prize of $800, with the first place winning $400!

All earnings count, including private shows (standard and 1on1), voyeur sessions and tips.

BTW, we will offer Halloween-themed tips during the contest! However, the available tip graphics will be different for the old Flash based software and the new SoulCast. We of course recommend to use the new software, with higher resolution and real HD streaming. Check out the new, Halloween-themed gifts for the new SoulCast software here

We encourage all Models to dress up in a spooky, scary or erotic Halloween costume, decorate the room or do body/face painting. Three Models will get an extra Editors' Choice prize of $33 each for the most creative outfit or decoration!
General Discussion / Ifriends se inchide...
« Last post by Alex on October 17, 2018, 05:55:54 PM »

We are proud of what we have all accomplished, working together. From chathosts to affiliates . . . From more than 10 million registered members to the hardworking people behind iFriends itself . . . we have brought smiles, success & friendship into each other's lives.  (It was no accident that the name we chose for our service – from the very beginning and before the first line of software code was written in the summer of 1998 – was, simply, "iFriends")But much can change in 20 years.  In 2018 alone, the FCC-mandated demise of "net neutrality", new legislative developments out of Washington DC, and certain costly patent litigation efforts have further transformed the business landscape in which we operate.
So, it is with some regret – but also with an enormous sense of pride and gratitude in what we have all achieved together – that we elect to use this 20-year anniversary milestone as a natural and organic moment to discontinue the platform, and to express our gratitude to you for twenty years of fellowship, support and for being our "iFriends".  As we wind down the service in an orderly and responsible manner, it is at this harmonious juncture that we say to our iFriends, "we are hereby closed for business."
General Discussion / Re: Best Models Promoter Erotic Cam Awards 2016
« Last post by Camgirl on October 13, 2018, 03:21:11 AM »
Wonder care va câștiga pentru anul 2018
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